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21.11.2017 10:56:10

Spring semester at Tallinn University is  the most exciting period of study. The skies are finally clearing, and the darkness is slowly fading away, spring Is setting in, then summer shortly thereafter. In addition, that’s when students go for summer holidays and join a new academic year in autumn. Personally, I had anamazing semester followed up a very interesting summer holiday. In June-July 2017 I toured Austria for two weeks. The following are some of the pictures I took in that lovely country.


I had gone to visit a friend in the town of Linz which is about 150

km away from Vienna. But the trains in Austria make it look like its only 50kms away! River Danube, the longest river in Europe passes t

hrough this town. Above is a picture taken at the banks of the river overlooking a beautifully lit building at night.

This building is a major landmark in this town. It’s called Ars Electronica Centre. In the evenings my friends and I used to join other people to watch the sunset from there.


The main bridge across the Danube River connecting the two major districts of the town.

One time as I was strolling through the town I discovered this Asian restaurant. They had fingerlicking Thai, Chinese and Japanese food. I instantly became

a frequent customer!


A view of the town from an observation point on a hilltop. Breath-taking!

My friend and I went on cruise ship ride along the Danube river. I took this photo from the ship deck area. Lovely!

And then my birthday happened while I was here! My friend and I plus his friends went for a dinner at an African Restaurant that predominantly serves Kenyan (where I come from) and regional East African cuisine. The final picture depicts this wonderful day.

My trip lasted for two weeks and I went back to Tallinn. Summer time is never dull here. Even if you do choose to stay in Tallinn during summer you will have lots of fun and int

eraction with new people as Tallinn gets many visitors in this time.


Video by Samuel Kamau Ngangira (International Relations MA student).

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